Ihr Foto auf Leinwand in höchster Qualität

Thanks to all my customers, who have allowed the publication of their portraits

Let  me create a hand-painted portrait from your favorite photo


Portraits of your loved ones

girl painted from photo

portrait painted in oil sepia color

customer order

Black & White oil picture

from a simple snapshot to an expressive painting

children portrait from photo
in warm oil sepia color

children portrait looks especially friendly and soft in sepia color


children portrait in oil dry brush technique


portraits of celebritys

portrait in oil color from photo

Angelina Jolie

Sean Connery oil painting

“I paint eyes until they look at me..”

portrait painting in oil color

“Hyperrealism” Scarlett Johansson

Black&White Drawing of  Emma Watson

oil black&white

Portrait in sepiacolor from photo

Heisenberg (Walter White / Breaking Bad)

Harley Quinn Portrait

oil painting

Pet Portraits

Dog Portrait from photo

in oil color

Oil Portrait of a Horse

“from the snapshot to the perfect painting”

Dog Portrait for customer

a simple snapshot is enough

Person Portraits of beautiful moments

Portrait in Oil

“a beautiful day”